Monday, October 27, 2008

It's Time

My school

My Teachers

My Friends

My Everything

2 DAYS left for me to graduate


Nop, I seriously don't wanna end it so fast

Just appreciate the PRECIOUS last 2 DAYS of high school time.

the only thing that i left with sorrow
is you.

Monday, October 6, 2008


Wasn't really good
Well today was totally awful I should say.

Got the worst results today
The feeling is just so indescribable
And I'm still having the feeling

Who should I blame?
Non other than myself.

You should be ashamed zk...

The only thing that made me better was the MUET exam
MUET = Malaysian University English Test
Our class started first
It was the speaking test
Or I should say group discussion or whatever laaaa....

Luckily we got the easier task
We 4 people managed to speak rather properly
and we got the points that we have to say
and we managed to work as a team
and me and a friend got BAND 5
which consider as good
and I was happy of that really.
at least make me feel a lil bit better after taking those sucking results =/

but still the bad mood-ness still HAUNTING me
i decided to skipped the tuition
which i heard the tuition was kind of replaced by eating steamboat
coz the teacher's place got a lot of food and he wants to finish them ASAP...
arghhhh... i always missed those good stuff...

well... this post is just a random post...
which just for abreaction of my feelings and anger...

anyway, good luck to all my form 4 friends in their exams..