Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Oh Camry, you really made me headache for the whole night.
Oh Camry, I can't start the engine last night.
Oh Camry, you made me can't go home last night.
Oh Camry, you made me stayed at my friends house overnight.
Oh Camry, you made me can't sleep for the whole night.

Here's the story, when I got to wei han house last night, to fetch him to futsal.
When I wanna start the engine. OOpss. I failed ~
I tried I tried and I tried . Hopeless.

I've no choice but gotta stay overnight at his house.
And I was so so worried that people will steal the car or break the car or whatever.
Can't even sleep well, woke up don't know how many times already just to check whether the fella is ok or not. Darn.

At the same time, I was so worried what's wrong with it, worried about what should I do.

This morning, the legendary MK came and helped again, called his foreman came along.
The foreman checked, it's actually about the battery.
The foreman just use few minutes to change the battery and tried to start,
YEY, Camry is alive.

But it costs me 260 bucks =.=

I might paid MORE just for the battery but I've got no choice.

See my tired face. and Mk too. haha.

This little fella which caused everything

Thanks MK ~~

And thanks so much to Hanes, I disturbed u alot.


The only good things about car is,
You can go anywhere you want .
That's all .

And I have 3 SAMANS to deal with now.

Sit people's car is always the besttttttttt.

I really need a GOOD REST.


I'm currently staying overnight at my friend's house.


thanks to Camry, It brokedown at such a nice time.
I can't start the engine,
Nobody knows what's wrong with it.
And my parents are in China now, great.

And, I'm seriously don't know what to do about it tomorrow.

Wish me luck.

Belated Birthday Shoutout

27 / 3 / 2009

It was one of my funniest friends birthday.


The guy who made me can't concentrate on studies during my form 4 and form 5.
The guy who always played with me during exam.
The guy who loves to play football anywhere even in classroom.
The guy who always jokes and craps.
The guy who loves Liverpool so much. =.=

Tadaaa. This is the birthday boy.

On the day , we went out to celebrate his birthday,
First, we went to Station One Cafe.
Here are the pictures. ( thanks to Shiyi the DK-J )

Chee Seng, Janko, Onn.

Wai Phan and Me

Shi Yi and Me

The group.

Then, we went to ioi mall. No pictures for that, just one.


Sorry ah Onn , for being so late to post this for you.


You're 20 already.

Take care!


Monday, March 30, 2009


25 / 3 / 2009

Me and Sophia called some primary school friends for dinner !
The place is Wing's Cafe , behind Times Square.

It's been a very longggggggg while since we last met !

Here are the pictures !


* Peace *

Me n Sophia The Heartbreaker =)

The Guys
And The Girls

Carolyn and Me

And Herman ( in the middle ) who came late
Another group picture with Herman
I should have called more people but I didnt =/

It's a wonderful gathering ! We had a lot of fun just chit-chatting !
We talked alot about our past during our time when we're at primary school !

There'll be endless gathering for sure ! I MISS YOU GUYS SO SO MUCH =)

Some of you are studying , some of you are working already,
No matter what , I sincerely wish you all ALL THE BEST !

Friends Forever!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rainny Mornin '

It's a wonderful morning isn't it ??


it makes the weather so comfortable,
no sun,
windy and peace ~

People usually sleeeepppsss till very late with this weather ,
But I can't =(
Even though I'm so damn tired and sleepy,
I can't sleep over 11 am.
I'm weird I know,
ask my brain =/

Gotta take this day to recharge batteries
Because after today
I'll be veryyyy busy.

But if you guys wanna hang out, just ask me alright ~ =D

Plans after this post !
Take my car to service =/
Boring ..

Be good people !
I'll be back veryyyy soon !


Wednesday, March 18, 2009


It's been a week since I took my results.
A freaking tough week I've gone through

And looks like,
It's gonna continue.

Bad things just can't stop happening.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Life Is Full Of Surprises

Wanted to go to JPJ to change my P license to a REAL license !
Thanks to MK, who wants to go there later ...
And now I gotta pick someday within this week to go myself !

Went to Mid Valley today and watched
City Of Ember

Starring Harry Treadaway ( left ) and Saoirse Ronan ( right )

Well, I've never heard about this movie before until when I was there,
We just simply bought the tickets and watched it .

The movie was OK honestly, full of adventure and mysterious until the ending part.

Rating : 4 out of 10

***** I can't wait for TRANSFORMERS 2 to come man !!!

Went to Carrefour after that to buy some stuffs,
Food, Sweets, Junk Food, Shampoo, ETC

Then we bought a WHOLE chicken ! 2 long HOTDOGS ! 1 Hotdog bread at Cold Storage !
Everything are so cheap in there !
and we eat everything in ....... my car
It's the first time in my life to eat such weird lunch at a weird place !
It was soooooooo fun though ! =)

Next, to KL SENTRAL to buy tickets for Thursday ~
Seriously, i hate KL SENTAL laaaa, where also cannot stop now, forced me to waste 4 bucks to park 28 mins in the damn building.

Raining heavily when on the way home, and stupid traffic jam around KL.
i like the way u sleep =)

After an hour plus of driving, I got home around 645pm safely ~

Today is just a special , exciting, unexpected, fun and tiring day !
Seriously need a full rest now ~

I know I'm like writing primary school diaries,
but it's a day to remember !
So forgive me =D

It's so so nice to spend whole day with you.

Sunday, March 15, 2009


I should always remind myself what you've said last night
And now I know why you still won't answer me that question.

I'll just have to wait, wait, wait,
the truth and answer to come.

No matter how long,
I'll just wait.

thanks and sorry for everything.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No Good At All


2 words describes everything about today.

I'm tired...

won't be online for long time i guess.

take care my friends.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Judgement Day


Just few hours away to the Judgement Day.
The day which will decide my future.
My future indeed.

It's no doubt that I'm having enormous pressure,
till I didn't really concentrate whatever I did.
It's so so terrible.

I just can't escape from it am I?
I got to go to school tomorrow,
I got to see the teacher,
I got to take the RESULTS,
But I don't whether I can accept what I got or not.

I do hope that I can sleep well tonight,
I really do.

Well, wish me luck.
And of course to my friends who are having the same feelings with me,


all the best in your exams too =)

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Time Has Come

Guess what, STPM results will be releaved on next Tuesday.

When my friends told me yesterday, I really felt so much PRESSURE !
Started to feel so damn nervous and stress.

I always tell myself that What's Done Is Done
I should accept whatever results I get.
But still, I still cant' imagine what's my feelings when I get my results.


Now, I'm just expecting the worst

So that when I really get the worst, I won't be so disappointed, MAYBE?

To my fellow STPM friends,