Sunday, June 14, 2009

Simple Update.


Another weekends ended.

I think I spent my weekends well,
Didnt really wasted the 2 days.
I'm satisfied !

OH yea, can anybody tell me the exact date for FATHER'S DAY?
Is it today or next week?
Damn confused !!!
Second week of the month?
Third week of the month?

The haze is getting worst,
Don't go out if necessary !
It seriously not good for your health !

Darn indonesia,
Don't have the consciousness of the environment.

New week,

All the best to everyone !


Happy half year anniversary baby,
First day went to ur house,
It's sweet =)
All the best in ur exams yea!
I love you,
only you baby.

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Your touch and voice save my soul

Damn yo, my weekends is gone just like that !

I wish times goes slow !
Just for weekend of course !

Saturday morning went swimming with a couple of friends,
We swim to extreme already,
We used our full energy.
Then we chit-chat till evening,
Saturday, GONE.

Went to her church,
Then went to One U to celebrate a friend's birthday till night.
I had a lot of gun though there are some embarrassing moments. =p

Tomorrow gotta study,
New week, another busy week.
I didn't get enough rest really.
And I can say I didn't spend my weekends well.
Darn !

Class starts at 10am tomorrow,
Till 5 pm.
Damn Shit.

NO choice, I'll just face the new week !

Be tough !!

happy to see you today seriously,
been missing u damn loads,
thanks so so much for everything,
I miss your touch,
miss your voice,
miss your everything.
Support me yea.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Fifth Day.

You're the light that makes my darkness disappear


Time flies isn't it?

It's been five days since I started uni.

Maths for Lecture class.
It's ok for me cause those things that the lecturer teach were quite easy.
And I understand those things well !
The class was until 9 am, an hour only.

Then gotta change to other class for,
Miss Samatha is the tutor,
She's an indian,
She's young and nice. =)

Go to the front and talk laaa~
She asked us to go to the front and introduces ourselves.
And when it's my turn ,
Damn, I was quite nervous really,
Luckily I was ok , ( I think )
Just simple introduction about me.

The class supposed to end at 1130am,
but since it's the first lesson,
and everyone did our introduction very fast,
the class ended at 1030 am !
Excited man ~~~

Anyway, I like this public speaking ,
It'll make me a better speaker,
I can train my confidence talking in front of people,
share my ideas and thoughts.
We gotta choose an interesting topic to speak for the next class,
and we must speak for at least 5 minutes.
Challenging !

Anyone has any idea what to say? ahah.

We gang went to the other block for chill out,
nasi lemak and drinks.
And chit-chat of course.
And we left around 11 something.
That's all ~

Today is OKAY seriously,
Compare to the previous 4 days.
Maybe it's because of the lessons,
and of course,
Can go other place,
Or go home earlier to rest !
I now declare that FRIDAY is my favourite day ! XD

And now I welcome WEEKEND !

Damn , I really wanna appreciate weekends man,
Gotta spend my weekends PROPERLY !!!

I wanna see you baby,

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fourth Day

I feel so weak without your touch 

What else?
My fourth day at Uni.

Computer Studies Lecture first,
yeah again.
Everything just about computer , components ETC.
Don't really wanna mention more about it.

Then, 2 hours break, 10 - 12pm
Man, we really don't know where to go what do.
We went to mamak for some foods and drinks,
And then we went to study room to...........
We're just too bored.

Principles of Economics Lecture class next,
Those stuffs that the lecturer had teach ,
I do have memories about those thing.
It starts with very basic stuffs,
Introduction to Economics, Factors, ceterius paribus, BLAH BLAH.
2 hours till 2 pm.

Time just passes very slow man,
It's like I've been at school for very long
But It's just 2 pm, damn.
We went to the canteen at the other block to have our nasi lemak.
And we went to study room AGAIN, played cards AGAIN.

3- 430pm.
English Tutorial Class.
The tutor is a young guy,
He's ok for me.
He wanted us to introduce ourselves.
That's all.

I don't really have the mood to blog really,
I'm tired.
It's just a simple update for today.

Tomorrow will be the best ,
2 classes,
9am - 1130am then LEAVE !
Damn syok !

oh yea, public speaking tutorial class tomorrow,
I'm sure everyone have the chance to talk in front of the class.
Man, I'm just very nervous when I'm talking ,
I hope everything goes well tomorrow !

Wish me luck okay !


Wish you're here with me,
I miss you badly.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Third Day

I'm not fine without you

Third day.
Today started early, 8am.
First tutorial class, MATHS.

OH maths maths maths. I'm dead.
It's been YEARS since I last took MATHS.
And now I seriously have real problem dealing with those questions.
Damn it, I seriously need help.
I certainly don't wanna FAIL !
Sigh. Headache.

Next, Public Speaking Lecture Class.
This one is really interesting.
As you can see, it's all about public speaking.
And of course I've to do presentation, have a public speaking assignments during the whole year.
Hmmm, I seriously have to know the best way of prepare a presentation for myself.
And of course I gotta have self-confidence in order to step out and give a speech in front of many people.

One Hour break .
My buddy Eugene came and visit me.
Man, It's so so so nice to see you yo !
And it's so so so nice to talk to you !

Then, Computer Studies Lecture.
The lecturer is not same with the tutorial class tutor.
She's an Indian.
And she's strict yo, told us a lot of her rules before she start lecturing.
It's a good thing maybe?

Everything ends at 2 pm.
Something happens after that that makes me pissed.
Well I don't wanna mentioned about it.
It's a history now.

Oh yea, can anyone introduce me more mamak food?
I know mamak has plenty choices of food but I've no idea about it.
I'm getting sick of NASI GORENG and NASI LEMAK !

So, my third day of uni was Ok Ok - lar.
Tomorrow will be the worst day.
8am - 430pm.

We'll see how things can get for tomorrow.

Wish me luck, will ya? =)

Take care my friends.

It's been half a year since we've known each other.
I miss you , all the time.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Second Day.

I got no sunshine , on this rainy day.

My second day of Uni.
Emm, I think it's quite ok, better than yesterday.
I was bit late for the first class, Accounting Tutorial class.
We formed our group assignment and we had our first assignment.
It's an easy assignment though, just take pictures around the uni block.
We managed to finished it quickly.
Well done, good start, I hope we can do more next time.

Then, Computer Studies.
Gosh, this one really unbelievable.
The lecturer was teaching us the very basic of computer using.
Windows, Keyboards, Start Button, Shift Button............... BLAH BLAH.

Next up, Accounting again, this time was the Lecture class which 4 classes combined together.
The lecturer is a very young lady, from her look I can see that.
Her teaching was okay, I won't feel bored like others do.
She teaches the basics one, which I've learned before.
But I seriously don't mind, I wanna learn again.
One of the problem for account is , everything is in ENGLISH.
I've to translate then to malay in order to sort of understand what those means.
Gotta improve my englishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Class will start at 8 am tomorrow,
gotta go there early. damn.
No car for me to drive tomorrow some more.
But the good thing is, class will end at 2 pm.
It's consider early compare to other days. Sigh.

Hope tomorrow will be a better day.
Wish me luck yo.

Sorry, for everything .
we must work hard for our relationship.

Monday, June 1, 2009

First Day.

My first day of uni.
Not really enjoyed though,
The campus is just like Kasturi tuition centre.
The environment too,
makes me so damn sleepy while lecturers are talking.

And my classmate,
WELL, knew some of them, all are younger than me.
I can become nuts if I continue staying at the class which I will for the whole year.

And the timetable,
Seriously unacceptable.
I hope there will be some changes soon.

The uni life is just not so what I've expected,
luckily I just have to stay there for one year only.

Well, It's only my first day and obviously I'm not really satisfied with it.
Maybe in a weeks time I'll get used to everything,
Adapt the environment, the people there.

I hope so.