Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Horoscope of the day

" True, clashes between your ruler the Sun and both Jupiter and Uranus during the week's second half indicate you're in for a few dramas. Ironically, however, these could be in your best interests. They could actually mean you finally have a good reason to confront one particular individual about long-unsolved issues. "

well, It's true that I am having some dramas. Which is SUCKS.

I don't like dramas really, there are stupid in a way. And I don't really like to confront with anyone. "I am a high uncertainty avoidance fella ! " ...

Some people said that FRIENDS who wanna get into conflicts because they CARE. Well so sorry to say that, for me, that is STUPID. If they are who they say FRIEND, they should not do those kind of things which it has bad influence for the friendship. Plus, I'm not the one who did any wrong, why would I be the one who go and ask them what happened and stuff like that?

If I really did anything wrong, they are the one who should come and tell me. Not I am the one who go and beg them to tell me what I've done.

Well, for me, there is no reason for me to waste my time to go and appreciate that kind of friend who don't wanna appreciate the friendship because of small little matter. "if you understand what I am talking about "

Just let time prove everything, those dramas will END for sure, just a matter of time.